million beauty #BECREATIVE #BEYOU

million beauty was founded with one simple mission: to encourage
people to express themselves as they are.
We believe in beauty products that do not reduce you into one type of
beauty, but help you work with what you already, uniquely and
beautifully have within.


    We have gathered in the heart of Seoul, with the belief that MILLIONs of
    forms of self-expression can build a more creative and vibrant world.
    We couldn’t stand seeing all the standards tying people down, and that’s
    when we decided to come up with a self-care brand that encourages
    people to express their own uniqueness and just go creative.
    Our products do not lie; we work with what we claim, to get you where you want.

  • BEHIND THE SCENE #1 Million Dance Studio

    Creative talents from 1 MILLION Dance Studio inspire millions,
    because they stay true to who they are.
    They believe true beauty comes from expressing what’s within.
    Be creative and unique. Just be yourself.